Our Vision

Oakwood School will provide the opportunity for students to complete primary and secondary schooling and gain recognised certificate qualifications, flowing through to the areas of business activity, family and community life. The emphasis at the school will to be develop the essential principle of ‘Learning to Learn’.

Mission Statement

Oakwood is a School where students are encouraged to develop their full potential and acquire the discipline of learning how to learn, while maintaining fundamental Christian teachings and beliefs.The School will maintain government registration, provide operational guidelines, establish curriculum and resources, provide expert teaching / learning opportunities, and assist our professional staff meet special needs and use all available resources effectively.This mission will ensure that the School’s clearly defined goals are realised.

Educational Goals

Oakwood School has three Educational Goals which focus on students becoming

Successful learners

  • who have essential skills in literacy and numeracy
  • who are creative, resourceful and motivate
  • who are able to learn and plan activities independently
  • who are on a pathway

Confident individuals

  • with self-esteem and the ability to manage emotional and physical wellbeing
  • with values including respect for others and the environment
  • with responsibility and the ability to embrace opportunities

Active and informed citizens 

  • that act with moral and ethical integrity
  • that understand government and diversity of culture, history and the environment
  • that are responsible citizens