Oakwood School has a Curriculum Statement that outlines the aims of the quality curriculum to;


        - Ensure that the needs of students at different stages of schooling are recognised and met through a robust and varied curriculum.

        - Provide emphasis on learning and achievement standards

        - Recognise literacy and numeracy as school priorities and ensure all students have access to programs that promote and enhance literacy and numeracy.

       - Focus on matching the scope of the curriculum to the diverse pathways of vocation, education, training and employment.

The Curriculum at Oakwood School is structured upon the Australian Curriculum and is organised into the following subjects:

       - Business - Commerce,

       - English

       - Technology – Food, Woodwork, Textiles

       - Humanities – History, Geography, Civics & Citizenship

       - LOTE –French

       - Mathematics

       - Health and Physical Education

       - Science

       - The Arts – Music and Visual Art

In Years 11 and 12, the Oakwood Curriculum is drawn from the Tasmanian Certificate of Education supplemented by complementary VET modules.

Teachers provide:

- Differentiated instruction, resources and assessments to meet individual needs and support student learning styles.

- Plan and implement programs which incorporate strategies and opportunities for students to develop Self Directed Learning skills and attitudes.

Assessment and Reporting

Oakwood School has an Assessment and Reporting Handbook, which outlines the purpose and guidelines of assessment and reporting related to individual student performance.

Learning Support

The School has a Learning Support Committee, including Learning Support Coordinators from each Campus, which advises on the needs of students and implements Individual Learning Plans according to the Oakwood Learning Support policy.