Tips For Parents During Exams

Last week we put up some handy hints for students during exam time. Students aren’t the only ones who need a regime during this time; parents and siblings can also help make things easier for those hitting the books. We’ve put together a few ideas that parents can take on board to help decrease stress levels around the home.

Put up a timetable
Make sure there is a timetable in place. Put it somewhere prominent – in the kitchen or on a wall in the student’s bedroom. It should have the subject, what days they need to study for it, and the time and place of the exam.

Have rules for bedtime
Students can’t be in their best state of mind if they don’t get proper rest. Make sure they get a reasonably early night so they are refreshed for the morning. And make sure the rules are reinforced.

Have back up supplies
Students should take care of this, but they can’t remember everything! Make sure they have spare pens, pencils, erasers, even an extra calculator in case the battery in their main one fails.

Have rule for digital devices – for everybody
Make sure that if the students do have a phone or like surfing the internet, that there are rules surrounding their use – how long they are allowed on the tablet or phone etc. This applies to parents and siblings, too.  

Have a good breakfast on the morning of the exam
An old one but a truism nonetheless. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and at exam time this is especially apt. A good breakfast will give students energy and momentum for the day, as well as keep their body and mind alert.

Keep other meals regular and sensible
Make sure the students have regular meals and eat good foods. Sugary treats and energy drinks are out. They will have a knock-on effect because if a student crams all night on Red Bull or coffee, they’ll be very tired during the exam.

Try and stick to your normal household routine
Don’t change other aspects of your life. Do the dishes, make dinner, mow the lawns – all the everyday things you usually do, keeping doing. Tell your son or daughter to take the dog for a walk – it’s a good way to take a break from studying.

Don't panic
Not only could it undermine your child’s confidence, it’s too late anyway.