CANVAS Learning Management System Makes Debut

Sunday 2nd April, 2017


The new CANVAS Learning Management System being phased in across AU is proving to be a winner.

“The main priority from an educational standpoint was usability for students and teachers, as well as fully featured for curriculum and resource sharing, combined with parent access,” says Glenvale Regional Principal Simon Beaumont. “Canvas ticked all these boxes in every way and was clearly the best product we evaluated. We wanted to have a product that would be easy to use, highly efficient, and provide a full curriculum support to our virtual classroom and self-directed learning framework. For the first time our parents now have full access to the work their children are doing at school, and are able to receive timely feedback from teachers on how students perform on significant assessment tasks using the Speedgrader feature within Canvas.”

There are plenty of positives with the new system including:

  1. Fully features Learning Management System
  2. Easy to access for parents, students and teachers
  3. Speedgrader for assessment online
  4. Parent access
  5. Consistency of look allows greatest sharing of resources
  6. Canvas Commons for global resource sharing
  7. Consistent platform globally

Its biggest positive is its ease of use. To access an account, the student, teacher or parent log in using an Office 365 account or email address. Once in, teachers write their reports, while parents can see how their children are progressing.

OneSchool teachers have taken to the new system with ease. “We provided extensive staff training in 2016 and this created an excellent platform for local ‘Champions’ to then train campus staff,” says Simon. “With the introduction of any new system teachers will adopt it at varied pace levels, but as we approach the end of the first term using Canvas in all classes, we find that most of our teachers have adopted it well and set up all courses online.”

Glenvale will be conducting a full feedback survey at the end of term two.