Leading Remarkable Learning Conference Inspires OneSchool RPs

Tuesday 29th August, 2017


The OneSchool Global Regional Principal team, Teacher Academy Directors and Global Team members gathered in New Jersey, USA recently to attend the Sterling Leading Remarkable Learning conference.

Held during the week of August 7-11 it was a chance for leaders to discuss global planning for OneSchool as well as discuss upcoming strategies and project meetings.

A whole raft and ideas were discussed and dissected over the week. Subjects covered varied from global testing and canvas data tracking, through to SDL video production and release.  

Day one involved the team welcome for new members. Professional relationships were strengthened as the Global collaboration of RPs continued to grow. 

Day two involved the RP team meeting with the world OneSchool Global Board to discuss amongst other things plans for the future. This included looking at rolling out the North American Dux system for the rest of the community schools around the world, re-jigging prize giving ceremonies, as well as a new global testing system that will help standardise the achievement level of students in maths, reading and language.

OneSchool Australia’s own MET RP Patrick McGing gave a speech on time management, an issue that is critical due to the number of campuses within each state. His tips included fixing issues first time around and even small things that are big time savers, such as making sure when you send an email you only send it to those to whom the subject is relevant. He also presented a piece on campus walkthroughs, which gives data to inform all teaching practice and prompts for school improvement.

Day three was an intense day of seminars and sessions where the RPs got down into the nitty gritty of teaching, especially SDL and Canvas. Seminars included Developing the Self-Directed Learner, SDL the Thirds and Canvas Training from a Global Perspective. Glenvale’s RP Simon Beaumont also co-ran a rotation on Zoom and the SDL Environment.

During day four of the conference Global RP Hugo Vaughan outlined the basis of the SDL `Three Thirds` structure. A couple of salient points that Hugo made about SDL is that RPs and teachers must release learning so that students can learn beyond the limits standard teaching places upon students. It is a teacher’s job not to present content, but to teach them to interpret knowledge.

Other highlights of the day included OneSchool Australia’s Woodthorpe RP Paul Maher co-presenting a piece called Inspiring our Students.

The final day was fantastic with an array of great special guest speakers including Baruti Kafele, Mark Osborne, Sir John Jones and Heather McGowan.

Baruti’s speech was brilliant. It covered how every student deserves a rock star teacher – from teaching through to mentoring, the impact a teacher has on a student’s life is immense.

Mark once again was inspirational as he talked through about what the world will look like tomorrow with robotics and automation leading the way in the future.

The irrepressible Sir John Jones shared with us his tales of inspiration and warmth. Community members, teachers and leaders were once again made to laugh, cry, gasp and reflect upon his message that the role of a teacher is a blessing and that we have the greatest job in the world because we have the power to positively shape lives.

Heather McGowan believes in the SDL framework that OneSchool champions. Her presentation reinforced that OneSchool Global are on the right track in the way we teach by encouraging students to be thinkers and problem definers and solvers.

Sir John Jones closed this amazing week with a heart-wrenching, emotional roller-coaster of a presentation that held us spellbound. His stories, style and use of humour at the right time kept us smiling as we recognised the importance of the role of the teacher in shaping young lives for the better.

And what did Australia’s RPs think of the event?

“When I think about how far OSG has advanced in the past two years, it is truly inspiring to realise what we are capable of achieving by working together as an OS Global Team.” – Paul Maher, RP Woodthorpe, WA

“The level of professional collaboration amongst our team has risen to a new level with the advent of Canvas and Zoom in our school system. The 'Leading Remarkable Learning' conference put together by the NA/Canadian team was first-class. In 27 years of teaching I have not attended a more impressive conference, and the guest and keynote speakers were exceptional. I will be taking back to Australia many ideas and motivational tips for my teaching team which will increase the level of warmth in our classrooms and help stimulate greater self-directed learning amongst our students.” –  Simon Beaumont RP Glenvale, Vic

“The connectedness and inspiration of the week have been fantastic.”Patrick McGing RP MET, NSW