Oakwood School SLT Multicultural Day

Friday 1st September, 2017

On Friday 1st September, the Oakwood Student Leadership Team (SLT) hosted Multicultural Day, where both students and teachers delved deep into the cultures and cuisines of different Countries around the globe.

All parents, family, friends, and teachers were invited to come and buy the delicious cultural foods between 10.30 am - 12.30 pm.

The whole School was divided into different groups with varying grades on each Site, and were assigned a Country that they had to represent. The Countries were USA, Italy, France, India, South Africa, Mexico, China, and Japan.

Each team had to:

- Dress up with clothing representing their given country;

- Bring some food or drink to sell, which represented their country, (e.g. Italian pizza);

- Bring one decorative item per team member to represent their country;

- Set up a store with their food and decorations on the day;

- Give a 2 minute presentation sharing information to others on their country.

Teams were judged accordingly to all these criteria, and the winners were:

Devonport Site: Mexico 1st; America 2nd; Italy 3rd  

Hobart Site: India 1st; Mexico 2nd; Italy 3rd

Launceston Site: France 1st; South Africa 2nd; Japan 3rd