VC and SDL impart resilience and life skills

Wednesday 7th February, 2018


As with many teachers in the OneSchool environment, Oakwood’s Jesse Wright likes the global environment that is being created and the opportunities it gives to work with colleagues interstate and around the world.

“It is the uniqueness of being part of a global educational institution, where there are schools all around the world that are working towards similar goals for our students that I like,” says Jesse. “Even within Australia itself, having the capacity to collaborate with teachers from other states is something very special that you don't find often.”

Technology plays a big part in the OneSchool system and it’s not lost on Jesse that both the virtual classroom (VC) and self-directed learning (SDL) have helped him develop as a teacher.

“These technologies have forced me into broadening my skill set as a teacher and have developed my ability to meet the needs of my students,” he says. “The combination of VC and SDL makes students more accountable for their own learning and helps in fostering these skills of independence and resiliency, which are important life skills for them to carry after they leave school.”

It also helps that the class sizes are smaller than those he had during the three years he was teaching students in the public sector.

“Small class sizes are probably the most obvious difference for me. Where my previous employer had classes of 25-30 from a school of 1000 children,” he says. “This is a huge contrast to Oakwood. Most OneSchool campuses from around Australia where classes rarely exceed 20 students.”

Both students and parents are also amazing, he says, with the students being polite and respectful, and they bring focus and hard work the school in both classroom-based non classroom-based activities.   

“The community support for the school is really something special, where there seems to be a collective approach to helping the school run and function day to day” he says. “Examples of this range from the campus administrator support of the school, to the amazing effort some of the mothers invest in helping with things such as extracurricular events, or recently our Year 12 leaver’s dinner where students, teachers and families worked together to put on a beautiful dinner for our 2017 graduates.”