Vision 4 Learning Seminar: Outcomes

OneSchool Global recently completed the rolling out of its Vision 4 Learning seminars in Australia, New Zealand, America, Europe and England. This was a timely reminder of where we are as a community and what our vision is with regard to the education of our children and the learning facilities that are provided for teachers, students and other staff members.

It gave an opportunity for stakeholders to come together to make sure they were on the same page nationally, as well as refresh OneSchool Global’s Vision 4 learning for the school globally.

As a community, we have certain expectations at all our campuses throughout the countries where we are, when it comes to the education of our children. These events are not only a reminder of what those expectations are, but was also reinforced where we are now and where we would like to be in the future.

Key people who attended the event included directors, camp administrators state board members, management teams and regional principals.

Several outcomes were achieved including further educating teams on self-directed learning (SDL) and the advantages of video conferencing (VC) and virtual class rooms. It was also reiterated to attendees about what their duties and responsibilities were as part of the overall OneSchool Global team – whether it involved financial and governance issues, or the direction in which OneSchool Global was heading with regards to facilities and IT infrastructure. 

As for challenges ahead and lessons learned? The consensus from the National Leadership Teams was that it was important to get people in leadership positions involved at strategic moments to make sure everybody is on the same page. This included the Leadership Team, RPs and teachers, too. The general feeling was that OneSchool Global is a dynamic and progressive organisation and that as a team strives for continual improvement in our teaching outcomes and that our children can fulfill their potential.

“We need to communicate better with the team and involve them in the journey,” says National Team Leadership member Lance Nipper. “It is a real challenge how we can keep everyone engaged and inspired.”

Feedback from attendees suggests that the seminar was not only a success, but that OneSchool Global is heading in the right direction. Here are some of the comments from attendees:

 “I think it has been fantastic seeing the whole vision going all the way back to ’65, and seeing how not only the national team, but the whole global team, working together for our kids. That’s awesome! Working with OneSchool is amazing. You’re part of a massive team, Yes, there are challenges out there, we’re working with them all the time, but you’re part of something that’s delivering a result for the furtherance of our kids.” - Ben Scott, Armidale Campus          

 “The best takeaway I have got out of it is the collaboration of the campuses. I’m from the Orange campus and we are collaborating a lot closer with Condobolin, I think it’s a great takeaway for better outcomes for our students. It’s excellent.” - Michael Allbut, Orange Campus

 “Yes very inspired by being in it. It’s a great system right through from top to bottom. The thing that inspires me the most is that worldwide and globally the whole system is coming together as one thing. The whole structure of management and the outcome for the children is the most inspiring thing of all. It’s great seeing the benefits from the Australian children here, right through to the Argentinian children, through to UK, through to Europe. It is a phenomenal event and I think it’s the best thing that has ever happened!” - Anthony Arckoll, Cardinia Campus

 “Working with OneSchool and the schooling system globally, what’s really inspiring about it is the ability to make a change, make a difference to the future. Giving the opportunity to get involved with what’s going to manage the future for us and what’s going to care for us in our old age if we get to that point, and you can make a real difference now. It also adds to your business – you come along, you get involved. You can learn and take it back to your business, so there are benefits all around.” - Karl Davis, Wagga Wagga Campus

 “It’s an awesome time to collaborate with other likeminded individuals that are involved in the schooling of our children. I guess one of the key takeaways is that as we collaborate nationally, there are so many things to learn from the other cities. The other regional areas and the whole vicinity is greater than the sum of the parts. So it’s great. Great to be here together and come up with some ideas as part of a network.” - Lloyd Bartlett, Brisbane Campus