Year 9 Geography students

Year 9 Geography students in Hobart have been undertaking a range of geographical inquiries throughout the term. This involved exploring the environmental features and properties of a range of biomes. Each student created a 3D model of a biome of their choice which explored all of its features including:

  • Temperature
  • Animal Life
  • Plant Life
  • Relevant Geographical features

Each student got highly creative with these projects and used a range of materials to create a realistic representation.


Melissa Chugg developed a representation of a desert biome where she dyed sand from Windermere beach to achieve the right colour and texture that would be found in this biome.


Jessica Shedden conducted an in-depth inquiry into rainforests typically found in the Amazon. As we can see from her representation, rainforests typically have moderate temperatures and contains an underbrush similar to those found underneath the trees on the Windermere Bay reserve.


Royden McKechnie worked diligently and efficiently on his 3D model, paying particular attention to the landforms of the taiga biome. He has packed paper underneath the surface to achieve the mountainous landscape and collected leaves to represent the lush land of this biome.


Kara Hills is to be commended on the amount of time that she put into her representation of a deciduous rainforest. Her representation takes place in Autumn, outlining a range of animal and plant life with a range of geological features including a rocky stream.



Although this is just a small section of the work they have put together this term, they are to be commended on their dedication and commitment to their SOSE work where they are consistently putting together work of a high standard.


Mrs. Jayde Zeitzen – SOSE Teacher, Hobart Campus